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Areas of Expertise


Sometimes it can be beneficial to seek out help from a skilled third party to explore what isn’t working in your life. Therapy starts in a quiet, airy room for an uninterrupted hour with an attentive listener experienced in detecting patterns, offering feedback, encouragement, and suggesting alternative choices.

Currently, my hourly fee for individuals is $160.00


 I offer couples a supportive, structured space in which to unpack volatile issues productively. I can offer guidelines to help both parties move forward productively and find renewed joy in partnership. My inspirations and trainers in this work are Terrence Real and Esther Perel.

Currently, my hourly fee for couples is $220.00


“Great art was born of great terror, great loneliness, great inhibitions, instabilities, and it always balances them.” — Anais Nin

As a published novelist, editor and writing coach, I am interested in searching out what motivates us, how we map our ways around obstacles, draft and define new versions of ourselves. A writer listens, observes, and takes notes. A therapist does this too, but for different ends. What matters is hugely subjective, both in writing and in therapy.

My Approach

How do you know you need therapy?


• Have you observed that the particular difficulty you’re having isn’t going away on its own and is having a persistent, negative impact on your personal life, your relationships, your work?


• Have other people suggested you seek a therapist?


• Do you find your negative thoughts or feelings have a cyclic, chronically recurring quality such that you wonder whether they’re ever going to change or resolve?


• Do you feel vaguely flat, ill-at-ease, no longer as engaged by your life as you wish to be?


• Are you hit by spikes of sadness, anger, or other emotions which seem out of scale to their cause?


• Have you hit a creative impasse?


These are some of the reasons people come in for therapy.

Among my strengths as a therapist are my 27+ years of professional experience and range of training, my humour and empathy, my ability to quickly intuit the underlying issues and emotions that may be contributing to your difficulty. I am direct but never a basher. I am creative and non-judging. I maintain strict confidentiality.

My Approach
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